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Bo - first dog USA

Meet Bo, the First Dog

Meet Bo, the First Dog

Meet Bo, the First DogSee photos of the Obamas welcoming their new dog to the White House, and download high resolution versions.In case anybody is wondering, Bo is a boy.

In Deutschland haben wir keinen "ersten Hund des Staates", jedenfalls nicht in Form eines Hundes. Dafür gibt es aber in Deutschland den Hund Cäsar, der täglich sein Tagebuch auf seiner Webseite veröffentlicht. Schaut es Euch doch mal an.

Präsidents Pets

Besides world wide peace, recreation and the stabilisation of our economy, Barack Obama has got a new task to solve: The first dog „Bo“, a “Portuguese Water Dog”.

Following a long tradition of nearly all American presidents, Obama made his promise true, to buy his two little daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, a new dog. Discussions about race and origin made the rather unspectacular event seem as if it parallel would signify political directions, Obama makes. Maybe that is the reason, why the American president, together with his family, finally chose a non pedigreed dog from his colleague and friend Edward Kennedy instead of a dog raised by a breeder. Malias allergy against most of all dog-races of course played a role too. With Bo, Barack Obama made his promise true he gave his daughters during the election campaign, to buy a new dog for the family if he wins. At least this promise only took him three moths to fulfill.

Nevertheless, Bo could cope with his first official interview in front of a lot of cameras and reporters, to whom he friendly waggled with his tail. At least a better reaction than “Barney”, the last presidential dog, showed, when he bit a reporter into his leg. If Bo will be acrimonious too, can not be said yet, since the dog is just six months old, and will grow up for the next three and half years. After all, the White house is the fourth station in Bo’s life. From his Birthplace in Texas, his former owner took him to Washington, where he couldn’t stay with the other dog, the man has got. That’s why he gave him to the dog trainer Edward Kennedy, who then suggested it to Barack Obama as “the First Dog” .The name “Bo” comes from Malia and Sasha, whose cousins cat name is Bo too. But maybe their Grandfather, who was nicknamed after the Rock legend Bo Diddley did play a role either.

Almost anyone in the list of American presidents could cope things without a true follower. “If you need a friend in Washington, buy yourself a dog”, the 33rd president Harry S. Truman once said, supporting the idea of presidents and their pets in the White House. The perhaps overall known “first dog” is “Fala” the black Scotch Terrier of the former president Franklin D. Roosevelt. Everywhere Roosevelt went, Fala went too, showing little stunts he learned to people who all loved the dog. At that time he was so beloved, that today he is eternalized in front of Roosevelt’s statue. John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie did also had a heart for pets and kept besides 3 different dogs, a large number of goose and ponies. In contrast to Obama for example, Ronald Reagan always held a little nap together with his little dog “Lucky”. Only Bill Clinton went another way. He is one of the presidents, who had a cat in the Oval Office. “Socks” who was gladly seen just faced with a problem, when “Buddy”, the new dog of the Clintons taped into the White House and since then played “dogs and cats” with Socks.