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Bo - first dog USA

Meet Bo, the First Dog

Meet Bo, the First Dog

Meet Bo, the First DogSee photos of the Obamas welcoming their new dog to the White House, and download high resolution versions.In case anybody is wondering, Bo is a boy.

In Deutschland haben wir keinen "ersten Hund des Staates", jedenfalls nicht in Form eines Hundes. Dafür gibt es aber in Deutschland den Hund Cäsar, der täglich sein Tagebuch auf seiner Webseite veröffentlicht. Schaut es Euch doch mal an.

The Safest Dog In The World

Finally, the family of the US president, Barack H. Obama, received a quite impressing gift and the children already love it. It is the safest dog in the world the First Dog of the United States. The children of Michell and Barack Obama have already chosen a quite interesting name. His name is "Bo". This very short and impressive name was changed by numerous media outlets so that the nickname of the puppy is "Bobama" now.

The First Dog of the United States is a water dog. We are sure that you already like this sweet and cuddly puppy with his black fur and white dots. As in the past the breed of the dog of the current US-President became extremely popular - the same phenomenon we can see now with "Bo". Dog breeder specialised on water dogs are receiving calls nearly every minute - parents, singles, everyvone loves the tiny new member of the White House and would like to have such a nice dog.

Now, the Portuguese water dog belong to the safest dogs in the world. Probably it is the safest and best secured dog in the United States since the commencement of the US history by the Founding Fathers. Countless agents of the Secret Service are responsible for the safety and the well being of this little jester. Since the First Dog of the United States know belongs to the family of the US-President you can be sure that he is completly surrounded by a 24/7 security corridor that is unknown to the public.

The most secured dog of the world also has his own lawn on the property of the White House. Gardeners trying to keep everthing clean in case "Bo" has a little mishap. You can imagine that the children of the President are not allowed to walk the dog as they would like. Every step of "Bobama" will be seriously planned and scheduled by the Secret Service and each possible harm will be anticipated in advance. Of course, the dog would be surrounded by a group of agents in dark suits and black sun glasses if he leaves the premises of the White House.

"Bo" know belongs to one of the most important and most watched families of the world. It is unthinkable if anything would happen to "Bo", especially if the bodyguards of "Bo" would have been in the position to avoid such a situation.

It is a matter of fact that "Bo" will also profit tremendously of the president´s first rate cook. Only very few cooks are in the position to prepare the meals without leftovers, and we can expect that many tasty tidbits will directly end up in the mouth of the First Dog of the United States. At least the daughters Malia and Natasha will make sure that something falls from the table.

Eventually, "Bo" have to become strong and healthy. Since the family of the US-President is currently experiencing on of the most challenging periods in the history of the USA, it is essential that "all" family members stand together. This means great efforts and strength are needed - and the securest dog of the world is not excluded from this task. The sweet puppy is also a real chance for Obama to again improve his approval ratings after they are already plummeting within the first 100 days after his inauguration.